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Your life, but better

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Want to change but not sure how?

Whatever you're struggling with, I'm on your side and can help you get to where you want to be.


Do you worry about how you're treating yourself but don't seem to be able to do things differently?

Perhaps something bad happened to you years ago and you just can't shake it off?


Maybe your life isn't turning out quite as you'd hoped?


For a confidential discussion about what's going on for you and to see how I can help, book a free, quick chat.

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Ruth Sutton

Eternal optimist, retired party animal and a bit of an earth mother with two decades of experience in women's mental health.


I've set up innovative NHS mental health services, worked with Afghan and Syrian refugees in France and researched women's mental health accross the UK.

I know what it's like to live with the effects of trauma from my own life experiences, and I know how it feels to finally be free.


Whatever you're struggling with I'm on your side and can help you achieve the changes you want.

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What People Say

SR, Lawyer

 I knew I needed to make this change, but before she worked with me I couldn't bring myself to do it. I highly recommend her to others who are looking for help.

JM, HR Manager

I feel lighter and more in control than I ever thought possible. Even my close friends, who did not know I was doing this therapy, have commented on the positive change they see in me. Thank you Ruth!

JJ, Artist

I feel I have got my sparkle back. My sessions with Ruth have turned my life around and friends have seen a big change in me.

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Let's Talk

Get started by booking directly into my calendar, email me or use the form below.


There's no charge for this first brief appointment and it's fully confidential.

Three easy steps

After we've had a chat, if we decide to work together we'll book in your first appointment. 

In your first appointment we'll talk through where you are now and what you'd like to achieve.

See FAQ's for more detail.




Thanks for your message and congratulations on taking the first step to change your life. I'll be in touch shortly.

Let's Talk
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