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  • What is congnitive hypnotherapy?
    It's a highly effective way of changing feelings and beliefs that are making you unhappy or holding you back from achieving what you want. I work with your unconscious using Neuro Linguistic Programming , Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and hypnotic techniques ,all informed by your unique thought patterns and language to enable the changes you want. You can book a free quick chat to see how it can help youhere.
  • What kind of things can it help with?
    It can help with a wide range of things including: Increasing self confidence and willpower so you can achieve your goals Dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and stress Resolving trauma from experiences such as rape (I'm trained in AMDR trauma resolution) Changing your relationship to substances such as alcohol and food Resolving phobias You can book a free quick chat to find out more here.
  • How does it work?
    You don't need to spend years and years in therapy to feel better. I work with both the unconscious and the conscious mind to enable fast, effective change. Our conscious mind holds the thoughts and feelings that we're aware of but it's our unconscious mind that decides what to make us aware of, directs our attention and drives our actions. Unless your unconscious is on side with making the changes you want you'll probably find that you'll sabotage yourself. Cognitive Hypnotherapy helps the conscious and unconscious mind to work together so you can achieve the results you want. You can book a free quick chat to see how it can help you here.
  • Is there evidence that it works?
    Yes. Research carried out using standard NHS measures shows that it's more effective than other psychological therapies. After an average of 6 sessions, 71% of clients with clinically significant anxiety and depression reported themselves recovered when treated with Cognitive Hypnotherapy, compared to 42% of people receiving other IAPT therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This research was published in a peer-reviewed article in September 2015 in the Mental Health Review Journal. You can read the detail about our research here and the full published paper here. While no one therapy can be guaranteed to work 100% of the time for everybody, the work I do produces consistent positive results for people. I've also experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapy as a client myself for some long lasting PTSD and one of the reasons I trained in this approach is that the results for me were so impressive.
  • How much does it cost?
    Three initial sessions costs £320 and you can pay in instalments if you would like to. Follow on sessions are £80. The number of sessions you'll need depends upon what kind of change you're looking for. Generally people need between 3 and 6 sessions but if you need longer that's not a problem. We can decide what's right for you in an initial free consultation which you can book here.
  • What will happen in the sessions?
    In the first session we'll take a look at what's happening for you and what outcome you'd like to achieve. In subsequent sessions we'll begin the work. You'll always be aware of what's happening and be in full control of yourself. Then I'll write and record a personalised MP3 recording for you to listen to at home to embed the changes you want. The work is safe and fully confidential and you don't even need to discuss the intimate detail with me if you'd prefer not to. You can book a free quick chat to find out more here.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    It differs for each person depending upon what you'd like to achieve. Generally people need between 3 and 6 sessions and some people choose to do more. Contact me for a free consultation and we can decide what's going to work for you. You can book your free 15 minute appointment here.
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