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Can you erase a memory?

JUN 2022

Do you have a memory replaying in your head, out of your control, taking you back to somewhere you’d rather not be?

Our memories are a big part of who we are and we need some ‘fear’ memories to keep us safe. Our brain is really good at using fear to keep us from harm but problems arise when a strong fear memory hijacks us, taking us back to something we’d rather forget, triggering anxiety, panic attacks or flashbacks, and sometimes leading us in to using alcohol, drugs or food to blank things out and generally stopping us from being who we could be and living the life we want.

Did you ever see ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’? It really stuck in my mind and I wished I could erase some of my own memories. I always kept an eye out for anything that might help and years later I discovered Cognitive Hypnotherapy which finally helped me be free from the old loop playing in my head. We all have things we’d rather forget and if you’re feeling like this the good news is Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you too.

If you’d like to be free of old memories that are making you feel bad and getting in the way of you enjoying your life please do get in touch for a free, quick chat to see how I can help.

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