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Why I do this work

We live on this amazing planet which offers us abundant resources, and I believe the natural state of humans is cooperation and kindness, but we've created a way of living that makes it harder for people to access this and causes stress, anxiety and trauma.

Dealing with the impact of this takes up a huge amount of mental and emotional energy which then isn't available for our growth - or sometimes even our day to day survival. 

My hope is that this work can clear away the stress and trauma so we can see clearly, connect and live more fully.

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My background

I left home at 16, had to grow up fast and have navigated some pretty stormy waters during my life, which makes me hard to shock.


I'm mother and step mother to four now adult children - arguably my biggest learning experience...

I've worked in women's mental health for over two decades, and, as I like to make my dreams a reality, I've also spent 10 years living in France near Bordeaux where I set up a housing project for Syrian refugees, sold amazing old stone houses and chateaux and drank far too much delicious wine.


I know what it's like to live with the effects of traumatic experiences and what it's like to finally be free. My own process of recovery informs my work. I understand it from the inside out. I can fully recommend this way of working because I know how effective it is personally.

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Explore what's possible, Email me or  Book a 20 minute free chat

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My qualifications

  • Master NLP Practitioner

  • AMDR Trauma Resolution Trained

  • Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma

  • Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma

  • Certificate in Integrative Counselling

  • Diploma in Image Work

  • NCH registered and insured

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