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Stop smoking

As an ex smoker I know what it's like to crave something that isn't doing you any good and the sheer relief of being free from that. If you're really ready to stop I can help you suceed.


Everyone's reasons for smoking are unique and so I design each programme individually. Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy we'll work on three different levels: physiological addiction, emotional meaning and physical habit to enable deep and lasting subconscious change.

How long does it take?

The programme consists of two appointments of around two hours each with some 'homework' inbetween. Sessions take place either in my Brighton office or on Zoom. After the sessions I'll be available for three months in case you need a boost (most people don't but I'll be there to support you if you do) . You'll leave with a personalised 'toolkit' to use at home and you can begin to enjoy your smoke free life!

How much does it cost?

The programme costs £450. Depending on how much you smoke each week you'll quickly be better off financially and most importantly you'll feel better mentally and physically.

How do I get started?

If you're definately ready to kick the habit for good I can help. You'll soon begin to feel the benefits as your blood pressure and heart rate normalise, your lungs begin to recover and more oxygen circulates in your body refreshing your skin.


Are you ready? The first step is to book a free, quick chat. You can email me or book directly into my diary using the button below. This first appointment is completely free, no strings attached and it could change your life for the better. All information is fully confidential.

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